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Golf course and lake

Design Philosophy

The golf course wraps around the heart of the parkland in two extended loops, never being more than two holes wide, making it unusually spacious and peaceful. This configuration is reminiscent of the great links courses, such as the Old Course at St Andrews, as it provides continuing variety in the direction of the holes, as well as producing a series of stunning views.

Woods, ponds and streams, all teeming with wildlife, feature on many holes, although the meandering River Eye perhaps adds greatest strategic interest to the golf, coming into play on four holes.

Enjoyment is the crucial factor and on every hole, all standards of player are given a fair crack of the whip, with approaches on which the ball can be run onto the green.

Particular care has been taken during the design of the course to ensure that this exceptional historic landscape remains pristine.

The distinctive Scottish-style revetted bunkers have been used to exert maximum influence on the play of the better golfer, who is tempted to flirt with them to gain the advantage of being in prime position for the next shot. Grassy humps and hollows have also been used to shape the holes because they are less intimidating for the higher handicapper and the scratch player knows all too well the hazard that such features present.

This quintessential English golfing experience will enthral golfers from all over the world.

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Venue for the 2010 & 2011 Handa Senior Masters presented by the Stapleford Forum