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Voyt.com Ltd. is proud to be at Stapleford Park, the first health club in the country to offer its guests and members the amazing new Voyt Fitness Training Yoga. Created by Richard Voytak over 12 years and developed with his business partner Jenny Sleaford.


V  Variable, fresh progressive weekly programmes, eliminating boredom.
O  Optimised performance and reduction of injury levels for both men and women.
Y  Yoga scientifically designed for whole body alignment and muscular balance.
T  Total body workout in every session, produces amazing flexibility and muscular power.


VOYT – A revolutionary yoga based body conditioning system that uses modern scientific knowledge. Priority is placed on structural and functional positioning of the skeletal system to improve sports performance and gives non-sportsmen the athletic look.


Voyt.com's aim is to add a new addictive zest to the already converted. We also aim to break through the male skepticism barrier that exists with current yoga practices; men are always surprised how challenging and amazingly rewarding the sessions are. Voyt will reach out to the vast number of people who know and want the benefits of yoga but find that they want more challenge and purpose to consider doing it; Voyt can be practiced by beginners at all levels.


VOYT is based on safe structured flowing yoga sequences, it is a style not seen before. We combine respected tradition with safe scientific and physiological knowledge bringing new heights of flexible fitness to all who practice it.


We have removed meditation, chanting and traditional yoga postures, where injuries can occur. As well as being suitable for sports people and the already fit. With regular practice Voyt’s highly sophisticated system will transform the practitioner and make them feel years younger. Importantly, Voyt is a whole body conditioning system which is functional; this means that it directly relates to the demands on the body of every day life and sport, maintaining optimum fitness levels for all ages.


For sports people, Voyt will vastly increase their flexibility, elongate lean powerful muscles, whilst still maintaining power in their muscles. The flexibility and power of Voyt is a very different concept from mere strength. It will equalize and balance overall conformation. Imbalanced muscles are a common cause of injury and pain, suffered not only by sports people but most of the working population. All of these vital components will help to achieve safer, greater success in every sport. Voyt can be incorporated into any personal fitness programme, including circuit training, Pilates and the myriad of other fitness styles, or, it can be total fitness training in its own right. Progress can be measured, seen and felt, it challenges even the fittest.


Voyt’s creator Richard, witnessed that repetition can lead to boredom and a degree of pre-emption; these facts often lead to people giving up. Conventional Yoga practices are based on a variety of repetitive positions, often held for a standard amount of time, certain ones incorporate more meditation and chanting. These all have their place in society and generally the public put Yoga into a category, one of weird difficult postures with meditation. Yoga styles vary from teacher to teacher but Voyt will deliver a unique style which will have a consistent, reliable quality.


Richard has taught in top heath clubs in the country such as Bannatynes, David Lloyds, Fitness First and here at Stapleford to name but a few.


VOYT’S unique, vigorous and functional workout is delivered 100% safely.


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