• Falconer with Children


Falconry is probably the oldest, and certainly the most aristocratic field sport in the world.


With the Stapleford School of Falconry you can experience the thrill of handling these majestic birds of prey under the expert guidance of a personal falconer.


Ospreys at Rutland Water, buzzards and red kites wheeling over nearby Belvoir Castle and a Lanner falcon at the back door. The skies at Stapleford are getting ever wilder. Not surprisingly we leave the ospreys and buzzards to their predatory devices, but Stapleford's own School of Falconry can offer a more controllable walk on the wild side.


Stapleford's head falconer, Peter Sibson, owned his first kestrel when he was just six years old. Since then his life has revolved around the ancient hunting bond between man and bird of prey. His falconer's art is available to inform, educate and teach guests at Stapleford.


Peter has ten of his sixteen birds at Stapleford. Bernard the European eagle owl and Boo the barn owl have a fascination of their own. But it is the hunting birds like 'Chip', Peter's Lanner Falcon and Inga the Goshawk which epitomise the magic of Falconry.