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Enveloped within Lancelot 'Capability' Brown's calming landscape of the 1770s, there are many paths to take at Stapleford Park, from the formal and picturesque to the natural and informal, but all equally enchanting.

Take a walk through the walled garden, perhaps stilling for a moment to take in the arresting composition: the manicured parterres of the foreground, the 19th century ha-ha of the mid ground providing both a protective barrier and an unbroken view, and the pull, as Capability Brown surely intended, to the tranquil landscape beyond.

Did you know that a large Anglo-Saxon cemetery is located at the northern tip of the Stapleford, attesting to Stapleford's origins as a village before the Norman conquest.

As with the house, the gardens and parkland at Stapleford Park have a tangible heritage coupled with a tranquillity that is all their own.

Church of St Mary Magdalene

Visit the 18th century St Mary of Magdalene's church on the estate, with its gothic revival architecture and gracious tower. Step into the welcoming interior of the church and note the peacock's tail carving, the family crest of the Earl of Harborough who re-built the church, and re-sited the monuments, in 1783. Inside, read the scroll proclaiming the 11th century origins of the church, and appreciate the many monuments including one of the most impressive English works of sculptor Rysbrack. This was commissioned by the first Earl of Harborough for his beloved wife Mary who died giving birth to their son.

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