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From its Norman inception, each era has left its mark on the house architecturally and has added another chapter to Stapleford Park's story, a tale of grand entertainment, of leisure, of conviviality; hunting parties returning for great feasts and balls, hospitality offered to visiting Royalty, house guests descending the main stairs for dinner, intimate gatherings for afternoon tea in the drawing room. These rooms are maintained for you to experience the rituals of centuries past, the Stapleford Park way.

The imprint of inhabitants past and present can be seen everywhere in the house; the Sherard/Earl of Harborough family portraits on the main stairs, the significant architectural changes made during the 19th century Gretton years, Bob Payton’s humorous plaque commemorating his house restoration of the 1980s, and the refurbishments of the present owners.

Ask us for a house tour or perhaps discover for yourself the imprints of the past and present. Can you find the 1828 signatures etched into the ancient glass panes in the Old Wing? When you walk through the archway, try to decipher why the cobble stones were replaced with wooden ones during the Great War.

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