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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Published: 6th April 2020

On Wednesday 1st April we launched a pet photography competition on Instagram, where our followers submitted their favourite pet pictures using the #staplefordpaws, for a chance to win a private doggy afternoon tea experience for two adults and two dogs. Our fabulous followers then voted for their favourite image on our Instagram story.

After an overwhelming response and over 3,000 votes, we have decided to continue to spread the pawsitivity, by introducing you to our winner, runners up and some of our pawesome competitors.

Winner: Oscar-Ronnie


Age: 7 months old

Favourite thing to do: I like playing in the park with my football and stealing shoes, slippers and socks.

Second Place: Duke


Age: 3

Favourite thing to do: Swimming, particularly on hot summer days.

When I'm home alone: I love to curl up in the armchair, so that I can peep out of the window, whilst I wait for my favourite humans to come home.

Third Place: Doug


Age: 6

Favourite thing to do: Have a nap on the sofa, with my mummy Caroline.

Our Pawesome Competitors



Age: 9 Months Old

Favourite thing to do: Collect every single stick in sight.

My darkest secret: I play dead, to avoid having to go to bed.



Age: 2

Favourite thing to do: I am a mud monster, if I spot mud I have to be in it. My favourite humans call me a swamp monster.

When I'm home alone: I try to chase the cat around the house when nobody is watching.



Age: 4

Favourite thing to do: I love going on long walks and meeting new people.

When I'm home alone: I spend all day in bed. Once I found my mummy’s coat on the dining room table and slept on it all day.

Toby aka Tobee Wobee


Age: 1 year 8 months

Favourite thing to do: When I go into the woods, I like to chase squirrels, leaves and anything that moves.

My darkest secret: The pillow didn’t self-explode that time... it was... IT WAS ME!



Age: 10

Favourite thing to do: Playtime, I love fetching balls and sticks. I also love to watch the horse racing on TV.



Age: 4

Favourite thing to do: Listen to classical music.

My favourite human: My cool uncle Tommy!

When I'm home alone: I spend all day dreaming.

Hughie the very happy rescue dog


Favourite thing to do: Chase rabbits.

My darkest secret: When mum and dad are out, I open the doors in my house and sneak up onto their bed. They caught me on camera, whoops!

When I'm home alone: I hide under my duvet and sleep until my favourite humans Emily and Adrian come home.

Austin and Bertie


Age: Bertie 9 months, Austin 3 years.

Our favourite thing to do: Bertie loves lots of cuddles and Austin loves cats – we live with two of them. Austin also likes to do heelwork to music.

When we are home alone: Bertie spends his days napping. Austin spends his day with his head out of the cat flap, watching the world (and his favourite cats) go by.

Our favourite human: We love our mummy. But we dote on our Grandad, we stay at his house when mum goes away for work, he spoils us rotten.

Fun fact: We live with 3 other cocker spaniels (Molly, Bobbi and Mini-Moo) you can keep up with our team by following the hashtag #teamblackcockerandaustin.



Age: 1

My darkest secret: Unlike most French bulldogs, I have a floppy ear, which pops up when I hear the word SAUSAGE.

Mya and Bailey


Our coat colours: Mya white, Austin sesame.

Mya's favourite thing to do: I love to torment my big brother Bailey.

Mya's naughtiest habit: When I don’t want to do something, I let out a bloodcurdling Shiba scream.



Favourite thing to do: I like to play chase Henry the rabbit.

My darkest secret: I steal underwear... I just can’t help myself, especially if I’m home alone and nobody is around.

My favourite human: Grandad! He feeds me lots of treats and always lets me out of the gate to cause trouble.

Gaston and Larkin


Age: Gaston 3 (Border Terrier), Larkin 7 (Jack Russel).

Our favourite thing to do: We love long walks in the countryside, followed by a nap in front of the log burner when we get home.

Our darkest secret: Gaston likes to watch birds in the garden. However, to do so he has to jump up onto the window sill... Larkin likes snuggling so much, that he always tries to sneak under the duvet covers.

Michaelangelo “Milo” de Familia


Age 6 ½-year-old puppy

My favourite human: My trainer and doggy Daddy, who treats me to lots of walks, dinner and toys.



Age: 2

Favourite thing to do: On my walks, I like to find the biggest sticks possible to play with.

When I'm home alone: I secretly steal socks from my humans and hoard them in my bed.

Fitzrovia Perry


Age: 12

Darkest secret: I once weed in my grandma's slippers when everyone was in bed.

My favourite human: My Grandad, he was the first person I met when I got adopted.

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Instagram page (@staplefordpark) for future competitions.

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